Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Wet Carpet

This picture shows carpeting that was affected when the basement became water damaged. You can see the color differentiation in the carpet where it is soggy from the water which has absorbed into it. You can see the footprints of where the carpet has been walked on. In this case, our technicians lifted the carpet to remove the pad underneath which would not dry on its own. We placed an air mover under the lifted carpet and was able to dry it out. Once the homeowner's had their padding replaced and carpet re-stretched, we cleaned the carpet.

Water Intrusion

This door was damaged when the basement flooded with water. The room had about 1.5 inches of standing water. As you can see, the water started to crawl up the door. We extracted the water and dried out the affected area.

Basement Water Damage

This Cicero, NY home was affected by water damage when our area received a large amount of rain in a short period of time. The homeowners were in the process of finishing the basement when the storm hit and their sump pump was not able to keep up.

Flood Damage

After having flood damage from heavy rains, this Baldwinsville, NY home needed mitigation! Our crew cut the walls, removed the wet insulation so that the studs could be dried properly without having secondary damage.

Tree Fell On House

This Syracuse, NY home had a tree fall on their home during a severe storm that came through the area. The tree came through the roof in multiple areas into the home. Not only did the tree cause roof damage, but it was also raining during this time. Therefore, the home was affected by water damage that leaked from the attic space to the first and second floor. Our crew quickly arrived on-site. We tarped the damaged parts of the roof so that no more water could get into the home. Then we started mitigation to the affected areas throughout the home. 

Roof Leak

This Minoa, NY home was affected by water damage when the customer's roof leaked. The water ran down the window and drywall onto the flooring. We removed the carpeted floor and dried the subfloor.

Storm Damage

This Cicero, NY home flooded when the area received a large amount of rain in a short time. The sump pump got overwhelmed and could not keep up with the amount of water that was coming in. As you can see, water started crawling up the wooden stairs. Contents were affected by the water. Our crew arrived on site to extract the standing water, clean and dry and affected contents and put them in plastic containers so they wouldn't be affected by water should this happen again. We dried all affected structural materials and cleaned the flooring. Our crew worked quickly to stop any secondary damage.