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SERVPRO is Among the Most Trusted Water Restoration Companies in North Syracuse

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

dishwasher leaking water When appliances go crazy in your home. Call SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians for the job. We will be onsite within 4 hours of the initial call.

Fast and Reliable Service Makes SERVPRO One of the Highest Rated Water Restoration Companies in North Syracuse

The intrusion of water into your home can initiate a sequence of events that can quickly get out of hand, extensively damaging the structure and contents. Hiring SERVPRO, one of the most reputed water restoration companies in North Syracuse, can help you get the situation under control and prevent long-term damage.   

SERVPRO is one of the few water restoration companies in North Syracuse whose IICRC certified technicians have the proper training, expertise, and equipment for the job. Water damage restoration is a complex operation that requires meticulous planning and precise execution. Once the SERVPRO techs finish inspecting the property identifying the scope and extent of the damage, the next step is to establish a drying goal. 

How do SERVPRO Techs Establish a Drying Goal During Water Cleanup in North Syracuse Properties? 

A drying goal during water damage repairs is a set of conditions that materials and contents should display once SERVPRO techs have restored them to a preloss condition. The purpose of a restorer is to eliminate the excess moisture from the material by speeding up the drying process using dehumidifiers and air movers. 

The drying goal is set by establishing a dry standard, which is the moisture level of dry material in an undamaged area of your North Syracuse home. The SERVPRO IICRC technicians aim to attain the moisture level in the water-damaged area close to the dry standard during the water damage remediation process. The restoration is deemed complete once the moisture readings of the water-damaged site match the dry standard. 

Call SERVPRO of North Onondaga County at (315) 457-3432 for any assistance regarding water damage repairs. 

How Can SERVPRO Help North Syracuse Residents with Flood Damage?

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo When flood damage occurs to your home. Call SERVPRO for the storm damage restoration needed for your home.

SERVPRO Offers Fast and Efficient Service After Flood Damage to North Syracuse Homes

Contamination can be a major issue after flood damage to your North Syracuse home. SERVPRO technicians can safely handle contaminated water after flooding incidents and prevent any long-term problems associated with it.  

SERVPRO technicians often have to deal with contaminated water after flood damage to North Syracuse homes. The most important goal while providing water damage repairs in such situations is to ensure the safety of the technicians and the occupants. The SERVPRO flood restoration experts use different types of antimicrobial agents to control the microbial load of the floodwater. Our technicians also use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) during the water damage restoration. 

What are Some of the Chemical Agents that SERVPRO Techs Use During Flood Restoration in North Syracuse? 

SERVPRO technicians use various chemical agents during the water damage remediation after a flooding event in North Syracuse. Most of them are categorized into the following two categories-

  • -stats: These are chemical agents that do not necessarily kill the microbes but prevent them from growing. Most common -stats that SERVPRO techs use are fungistats and mildewstats. 
  • -cides: These are chemical agents that destroy or kill living microbes. For instance, a bactericide is a chemical agent that can kill bacteria. 

It is worth knowing that in the restoration industry, a more common term used is 'biocide,' which is used to identify any chemical substance that can affect the growth of microbes, including bacteria and fungi. A biocide can be either a -stat or a -cide.   

Call SERVPRO of North Onondaga County at (315) 457-3432; we are here to help you round the clock. 

SERVPRO Can Help Limit the Effects of Fire Damage to North Syracuse Homes

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything Whether it was soot or smoke that caused damage, team SERVPRO can help. Contact us for fire damage remediation services.

North Syracuse Property Owners Look to SERVPRO for Help With Fire Damage

The effects of fire damage to your North Syracuse home can be limited if you involve SERVPRO professionals as soon as possible. The longer the smoke and soot residue sits on a surface, the more difficult it gets to remove. 

Every fire incidence is different, and SERVPRO techs use a combination of cleaning principles to clean up fire damage to your North Syracuse home. SERVPRO technicians use multiple ways to agitate surfaces, multiple products to produce chemical reactions, and multiple cleaning procedures to remove the residues. We utilize the complete range of restoration procedures before any fire-damaged material is declared unrestorable. 

Principles of Cleaning SERVPRO Uses During House Fire Cleanup in North Syracuse Homes

Although the specifics may change with every fire situation, SERVPRO techs invariably use some basic principles during fire and smoke restoration of your North Syracuse home- 

  • Finding and identifying type of residue- Type of smoke and soot (dry or wet smoke residue, protein residue) involved determines the cleaning procedure to be used. SERVPRO techs meticulously identify the type of residue and surfaces involved and develop a cleaning strategy accordingly. 
  • Capturing and removing residues- Residues are captured by either vacuuming them or dissolving them in appropriate solvents to loosen the bonds with surfaces. The type of residue and the kind of surface determine which of these are used.   
  • Properly disposing of the residue- Once the residue is captured and removed, it needs to be disposed of safely. SERVPRO adheres to the guidelines set forth by the state and local administrations while disposing of the residue from fire-damaged homes. 

Call SERVPRO of North Onondaga County at (315) 457-3432 for fire and smoke damage restoration.

SERVPRO is One of the Most Trusted Mold Removal Companies Serving Residents of North Syracuse

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing underneath of a cabinet Has your home been facing a mold infestation? Contact our experienced SERVPRO team for mold damage remediation services.

What Makes SERVPRO Stand Out Among Other Mold Removal Companies in North Syracuse

Mold damage can cost you in more ways than one if you don't seek professional help on time. Mold removal companies like SERVPRO have the necessary expertise and experience to mitigate mold from your North Syracuse home safely. 

SERVPRO stands out among other mold removal companies in North Syracuse as we believe in providing a quality service that you can trust. As mold can cause health effects, safety is paramount during mold inspection, remediation, and removal. SERVPRO collaborates with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP) to develop a mold mitigation strategy that is safe and efficient. 

Signs That You Need SERVPRO Mold Specialists to Tackle Mold in Your North Syracuse Home

The best way to control mold damage in your North Syracuse home is to involve the professionals early. Some indicators that your home might need professional mold remediation include-

  • If you notice musty odors, especially in places where the moisture is high
  • If you have water issues such as burst pipes or ceiling leaks. Mold love water and spores can quickly germinate in water damaged areas
  • If there are visible signs of mold, including discoloration that is fuzzy or slimy. It is important to know that mold colonies can have a variety of colors, including gray, white, brown, or green

Remember, black mold is no more dangerous than any other type of mold found in your home. Getting professional help early is the key to successful mold mitigation. 

Call SERVPRO of North Onondaga County at (315) 457-3432 for 24/7 service. 

North Syracuse Residents Prefer SERVPRO for Water Mitigation of Their Homes

6/20/2021 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on the hardwood floor Excess water and moisture? Team SERVPRO arrives on the scene with the equipment to detect and remediate the water damage in your home.

SERVPRO Provides Fast and Reliable Water Cleanup at North Syracuse Homes

Water mitigation by SERVPRO at your North Syracuse home involves activities that help to minimize the damage to the structure and contents after a water incidence. SERVPRO provides one of the fastest water removal services in the area, followed by the necessary water damage repairs. 

Once the SERVPRO technicians begin the water mitigation of your North Syracuse home, their first goal is to scope the structure to identify areas where water has intruded. SERVPRO techs use equipment such as moisture sensors, thermal cameras, and thermo-hygrometers for this purpose. However, due to its many advantages, a thermal camera is one of the first pieces of equipment that technicians use.  

How SERVPRO Techs use Thermal Image Camera During Water Damage Repairs in North Syracuse?

A Thermal image camera is one of the best pieces of equipment for a fast evaluation of the extent of moisture in your water damaged North Syracuse home. The camera can show how water traveled through the structure and indicate moisture that otherwise might never have been discovered. As water evaporates from a surface, it tends to cool the surface down. A thermal image camera can detect such colder areas and hence help the technicians find moisture. 

A thermal image camera offers several advantages to a water damage restoration technician, including-

  • Causes no damage to the structure- Unlike penetrating moisture meters that can cause minimal damage, thermal cameras don't cause any damage. 
  • Allows inspection of difficult areas- Using penetrating moisture meters can be difficult to detect moisture in areas such as an extremely high ceiling. A thermal camera can be easily pointed up to the ceiling for moisture measurement. 
  • Saves time- Pointing thermal cameras to large areas is faster than probing them with moisture meters.

Call SERVPRO of North Onondaga County at (315) 457-3432 for round-the-clock consultation. 

How Critical Is Help From Professionals During Flood Water Removal From My Liverpool Home?

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for every size of storm and flood-damaged properties.

One Way SERVPRO Eases Water Damage Repairs in Liverpool is Providing Varieties of Equipment

Flooding is both a nuisance and a costly problem to resolve. However, with the help of a professional restorer, it is possible to minimize both. Even for simpler tasks such as removing floodwaters, professional assistance makes a significant difference.

Easing flood water removal from Liverpool properties requires equipment that can expedite extraction or handle unique processes such as removing solid-filled water or water trapped in cavities. For instance, using a truck-mounted water extractor that can remove many gallons of water an hour cuts down the time it takes to remove any pooling water.

SERVPRO teams are equipped with various types of extractors to address different water removal needs. Submersible pumps help if there are pools of standing water deeper than 2 inches in the structure. We also have self-priming trash pumps to remove water filled with solids up to 3 inches in diameter. In many cases, floodwaters recede, leaving only small pools around the house. In such cases, light wands are the best.

Removing standing water is only the first phase when solving flooding. Moisture management is also necessary. Our SERVPRO technicians have high-speed air movers and a variety of dehumidifiers like LGR and desiccant to help with drying delivering satisfactory:

  • Water removal services
  • Water damage repairs
  • Sewage cleanup

SERVPRO of North Onondaga County provides unique flood water removal solutions. Call us at (315) 457-3432 when you need assistance.

Clearing the Mess after Flood Damage Incidents in North Syracuse

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home Flood damage restoration for properties needs the help of SERVPRO. Our techs are ready 234/7 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Provides Water Clean Up Resources in North Syracuse Homes to Reduce Inconveniences 

Heavy rainfall releases a significant amount of water within a short while. As the water moves and collects debris like mud, there is a risk of depositing it inside your house, creating a significant mess. Unfortunately, the mud remains behind when the water recedes.

Although mud accumulation does not necessarily mean significant flood damage in North Syracuse homes, removal can be challenging or lengthy. You might need to scoop off the mud manually or use special extraction equipment to ease removal.

Our SERVPRO technicians are comfortable with all removal methods. We can use shovels if the water recedes, leaving a thick layer of mud. Pressure washing is another alternative since the strong force of the water peels of the mud from the surfaces fast. In case there is standing water mixed with debris, self-priming trash pumps come in handy. 

On finishing cleaning, drying the floors and walls is essential to dry off excess moisture to prevent secondary issues like mold, staining, and odors. Our SERVPRO crews use industrial-grade dehumidifiers or air movers, thus leading to a better conclusion of:

  • Water clean up
  • Basement flooding cleanup 
  • Flood restoration

SERVPRO of North Onondaga County strives to deliver satisfactory services when called to resolve flood damage incidents. Call us at (315) 457-3432.

Which Water Damage Repair Solutions Should We Try If Our North Syracuse Business Is Affected?

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

burst pipe in ceiling tile Water damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for all the help your property needs.

SERVPRO Combines Simple and Advanced Techniques When Delivering Water Removal Services in North Syracuse

A case of a water spill or leak has various implications on your business. In many instances, spilled water interrupts normal operations since customers and staff members would not want to perform any tasks in wet areas. In addition to the interruption, moisture and other factors cause wide-ranging physical damages. 

It is essential to perform timely water damage repair at your North Syracuse premises. Repairs can be as simple as drying wet materials or reversing physical changes such as swelling, staining, or discoloration, among others.

SERVPRO provides IICRC certified Water Restoration Technicians to handle the different renovation tasks your property needs. We inspect the loss site to establish the kind of damage present. In most cases, organic materials such as wood and its derivatives are significantly damaged after:

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Emergency services water damage

When notified about the loss, our SERVPRO teams can use various strategies to reverse multiple damages. For wooden materials and items, swelling is usually the precursor of other problems such as warping and cracking. Our technicians use methods such as drying chambers to enhance and regulate drying. The technique can help save wooden floor panels or even furniture such as desks or chairs. Other problems such as water-spotting can be reversed by wetting entire items before drying them.

SERVPRO of North Onondaga County helps businesses when they need water damage repair. Call us at (315) 457-3432.

Who Can Help Me With the Fire Damage in My Liverpool Home?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of home Day or Night, SERVPRO Can Arrive for Fire Damage Emergencies in the Liverpool Area.

SERVPRO is Available 24/7 for Expert Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation

When fire damage strikes your Liverpool home, never wait too long for help. After a fire, visualize your kitchen in shambles. The walls are burnt and caked with smoke. The floor is a greasy mess and it is covered with water from emergency efforts. While this may seem like a daunting cleanup, we have your back here at SERVPRO. 

If you quickly reach out for Liverpool fire damage restoration services, our technicians can always make an effort to reach you just as swiftly. To remediate the aforementioned example, our technicians could:  

  • Remove cabinetry and appliances 
  • Demolish unsalvageable flooring and drywall 
  • Set up advanced technology to help reduce moisture, malodors, and smoke damage

Our technicians are expertly trained and continue to take updated courses so we can say we have the best technicians around. We want to leave you feeling like you were in the best hands for the remediation process. Call us when you need: 

  • Water & Fire Damage Restorations
  • House Fire Clean Up
  • Fire Restoration
  • Smoke Damage Remediation 

If you find yourself needing fire and smoke remediation, get help today! Dial (315) 457-3432 to speak with SERVPRO of North Onondaga County. We can help you today!

What Can I Do About the Mold Damage in My North Syracuse Residence?

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

"Mold inspection" Don't let mold take over home. Call in the experts at SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO is Available For Your North Syracuse Mold Damage Emergency!

Finding mold damage in your North Syracuse home can be difficult for any homeowner to face. What matters is how you react to the damage you find, and how quickly you can get professional help into your home. Here at SERVPRO, our goals align with yours. We want to get into your home, remediate the damage, and then leave you feeling good about the work we did, and we want to do it quickly. “Like it never even happened.”

When we offer you our North Syracuse-based mold damage remediation services, we want you to feel confident about the assistance we gave. At SERVPRO, we: 

  • Provide our technicians with excellent training 
  • Use advanced technology and the newest remediation techniques
  • Are available 24/7, whenever an emergency strikes  

If you suspect mold damage is in your home, do not bother trying to reach out for high-cost mold testing. Our technicians can enter your home, do an investigation, and then set up the best remediation course for you. Using advanced technology, we can reduce musty odors and remove active mold colonies. Trust SERVPRO to provide you with expert:

  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Inspection
  • Attic Mold Removal
  • Mold Removal 

If you think you may possibly have a mold issue, do not hesitate. Reach out to SERVPRO of North Onondaga County by calling (315) 457-3432. We're ready to help!