Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damaged Walls

This home was affected by water due to heavy amounts of rain. The water protruded into the home and the flooring and walls were affected. Many times that walls are affected, there is insulation behind those walls that cannot dry on its own. Therefore, our technicians open up the walls to remove the insulation. This allows the affected framing and studs to dry more efficiently before mold begins to form. This process also removes any drywall that may have been damaged and could not have otherwise looked like its original condition after drying.

Post Demo

Check out the demo our crew completed at this Baldwinsville, NY home that needed water mitigation! The water soaked into the materials for some time before we arrived on-site to start mitigation. Therefore, we had to cut the walls half way up to eliminate any possible mold that may have started to grow. Our crew did a great job and kept it neat.

Flooded Basement

This picture shows how quickly a basement can fill with water. This basement had about 6 inches of standing water when we arrived on-site. A pipe burst over night and ran throughout the night. Our crew showed up on-site to begin extracting water and dry out the basement.

Kitchen Subfloor

The water from this mitigation job came from the kitchen above the basement. The kitchen flooring and basement ceiling were affected. We removed the ceiling in the basement so that the subflooring of the kitchen could be dried in place.

Damaged Ceiling

Water can come from any area of a building. This water damage came from a leaky roof. The water damaged the ceiling of this commercial building. This type of water damage can be hazardous because the water passed through the electric in overhead lights. Luckily, it did not damage the electricity. 

Drying Cabinets

The plumbing in this cabinet leaked and caused water damage to the kitchen and surrounding rooms. The cabinet became saturated with water since it was directly affected by the water. We placed an air mover in the area to dry cabinets.

Drying Structural Materials

This Manlius, NY home was affected by a water damage. Our crew quickly arrived on-site and began performing mitigation services. We removed structural materials that would not dry in a timely manner on their own. This method stops secondary damage that may occur, such as mold.

Drying Hardwood Flooring

This is a home in Fayetteville, NY that experienced water damage to their hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring needs to be dried in a specific way to avoid having the wood warp. In this picture our crew was setting up a matt system to apply warm air directly to the hardwood flooring. 

Water Damaged Furniture

A home in Liverpool, NY had a sump pump failure that caused water to flood our customer's basement. Our customer had some furniture stored in their basement that they worried would not be able to be dried without having further damage. Our crew quickly arrived on-site to start mitigation!

Water Damage

This picture is a matt drying system set up in a home in Clay, NY that had water damage which affected hardwood flooring. It is very important to properly dry a hardwood floor affected by water. If the hardwoods do not dry quickly and properly, the boards with warp and will need to be replaced.