Commercial Photo Gallery

Leaky Sink

This commercial building had a leak underneath one of their sinks. The pipe had been leaking for sometime before it was noticed. The bottom of the cabinet absorbed the leaking water. 

Apartment Fire

Multiple apartments were affected when a fire broke out in this apartment. Smoke and soot damage spread throughout the apartment complex. Most of the affected rooms were able to be cleaned and deodorized. This room needed demolition and rebuild.

Ceiling Damage

This beautiful inn had water come through their roof which affected many of the rooms. The customer needed the water quickly mitigated so that their customers were not affected. They didn't want to have to cancel reservations which had been long made because their rooms were not guest ready. We arrived on-site to dry the affected area.

Commercial Water

This was a commercial water loss in Liverpool, NY that our crew provided mitigation for. We arrived on-site very early in the morning to begin extracting water, cleaning the flooring and placing air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the affected materials.


This picture is of a commercial building that SERVPRO of North and East Onondaga and Oswego Counties provided dehumidification for. The owners of the building were putting a plan together to remediate mold damage and stop water from getting into the building. 

Church Water Damage

In October, our area received heavy rains that caused water damage in a local church. The Pastor contacted us and we immediately sent a crew to assess the damage and get to work to mitigate the water. The church was very happy with our quick response so they could have as little interruption as possible for their congregation. 


This church had a couple of inches of water throughout the building after the Syracuse area received a large amount of rain in a short time. We arrived on-site and quickly began extracting water throughout the building and removing any of the materials that wouldn't dry in place. 

United Methodist Church

This was part of the job at United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, NY after a small fire caused significant smoke damage. Our team cleaned even cleaned and/or replaced ceiling tiles as needed!