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Spring Cleaning You Forgot

4/18/2016 (Permalink)

Cleaning supplies.

It’s easy to remember to go through the house and vacuum, dust and polish but what about the deep dark corners of our lives that always seem to be forgotten? No excuses this year! Here is a list of the most forgotten places we all need to go through, organize and clean out.

1)      Wallet and Purse. Go through and make sure there are no expired coupons you no longer need or that library card you never use and throw them out. Ladies, do you have a bunch of stuff in the bottom of your purse that isn’t necessary? Ease that weight on your shoulder and clean it out! If it’s not something you use every day or every week, chances are, you don’t need that item to be in there.

2)      Car. Cleaning the inside of your car can be tedious but you’ll feel much better driving around in a clean car afterwards. Throw out any broken sunglasses, trash or things that just don’t belong in the car and put them in their proper place in the house. This means going through your console, glove compartment and the trunk. If you are going to keep spare change in the car, get a plastic bag to put it in and place it in an easy to reach place for tolls. Go through your trunk, retire your winter gear and prepare an emergency bag to keep in your trunk full of things like warm socks, water, granola bars, a blanket and a lighter just to be safe. Don’t forget the side pockets! After all this is done, go over the upholstery with a vacuum, armor all the dash and clean the windows. This is also a good time to schedule a day when you can switch your winter tires to summer.

3)      Junk Drawer. We all have at least one junk drawer in the house. Clean it out and get rid of those odds and ends you always said you would fix but never do and things you just don’t need anymore. Use plastic trays and small bins to organize what’s left. It’s probably still a junk drawer but at least it’s an organized one now.

4)      Medicine Cabinet. Go through and check the expiration dates. Throw anything out that can’t be used and write a list of things you need to replace to get at the store. Organize by bottle size or by use.

5)      File cabinet. Shred anything that’s more than 6 years old and you don’t really need. Pay stubs, electric bills etc. Take this time to make sure everything is properly labeled and put it in its rightful place. This will make it easier to file things away right after you open them rather than stack a big pile somewhere to “someday” take care of.

6)      Last but not least, the garage and the shed. Throw out any broken tools, duplicates and rusty equipment. Test the lawn mower out, gas and oil it up. Get rid of any pool toys with holes in them. Get a fresh propane tank for the grill and clean the inside of it out. Summer will be here before you know it and the more you prepare now, the more you can enjoy it when it gets here!

Happy cleaning! 

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