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SERVPRO Brings Fire Damage Restoration to Local North Syracuse Properties

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

up close photo of snow covered trees in woods Syracuse receives more than 115 inches of snow each year, but no matter the weather, SERVPRO is always on call.

Local Syracuse Residents Know SERVPRO Is Ready to Handle Fire Damage Restoration 24/7

Although Syracuse is not the most populous city in New York, it is the fifth-largest. Called the economic and education hub for Central NY, this region has over one million residents. The city's name comes from the Greek city Syracuse, a town on the eastern coast of Sicily's Italian island, which also has salt pools and high saline lakes much like this area of New York.

Started and Continues as a Major Crossroads

At its inception, Syracuse began as a major crossroad between the Erie Canal and the branches. Then after the railroad came through, it became part of the network. Air travel is also convenient, and this city has the largest airport in the region. 

Syracuse Has Humble Beginnings

In the 1600s, the Onondaga Nation's local indigenous population invited French missionaries to come work with them after meeting a few early settlers. The first mission got established on the northeast shore of the Onondaga Lake called Sainte Marie. The local tribes and the Europeans quickly set up a trade for furs and other necessities. This arrangement ended during the American Revolutionary War. The local Iroquois tribes were divided into two distinct groups. One group supported the British, and the other group supported the American patriots. 

The original Syracuse was a loose gathering of several small villages and towns. To be a recognized township, the area needed two things: a post office and a name. The original idea for the town's name was Corinth, which was denied as it was already in use in another area of New York. 

John Wilkinson would become the first postmaster and established Syracuse's name in 1820 based on a description in a poem he read about Syracuse, Sicily. This poem described the lake and salt springs that were also in the New York area he was tasked with naming. 

Early Industry in Syracuse

The salt springs inspired some of the early industry. The first Solvay Process Company plant was established in Syracuse in 1884 by Ernest Solvay, who invented the ammonia-soda process to produce soda ash. Soda ash is also known as anhydrous sodium carbonate and comes from the brine wells in the area. Soda ash has numerous applications as a robust industrial cleaning agent. It can cut through grease, floor wax, and other hard to remove substances with ease. While this development creates many jobs and boosted industry in the area, it left Onondaga Lake as one of the most heavily contaminated bodies of water in the United States.

Industries reliant on the salt industry declined during the second half of the 1800s, but other manufacturing began, such as: 

  • The Franklin Automobile Company that produced air-cooled engines
  • Smith-Corona Company 
  • Craftsman Shops that turned out finely made handcrafted furniture

Syracuse Climate

The area has a humid climate, and Syracuse receives more snow than any other metro area in the U.S., getting around 115 inches on average. The rainfall amounts are in line with the rest of the country at approximately 38 inches yearly, with September usually being the wettest month. The winters are cold, and the summers are hot and incredibly humid, with temperatures breaking the 100s are not uncommon. 

Diverse Neighborhoods in Syracuse

The City of Syracuse has 26 neighborhoods within its established boundaries. The communities are good reflections of the historically ethnic and culturally diverse population. 

Like many other New York cities, the city of Syracuse participates in the sister cities program. The sister cities are:

  • Chiayi City, Taiwan
  • Fuzhou, Fujian, People's Republic of China
  • Taiz, Yemen
  • Tampere, Finland

After signing up with the program, Syracuse students can trade and go to a sister city for two weeks; a student from the other city stays with a host family in New York to experience life and learn customs in America. The switches most often occur at the end of September or the first week of October each year. 

Syracuse Fire Department 

Until 1965, local volunteers made up the fire fighting force in Syracuse. Then, in 1965, the Syracuse City Fire Department got established, and the unit commissioned a 1946 Ford Pumper Truck to serve as the fire truck. The first fire chief elected was Keith West, who then appointed 25 volunteers who agreed to help when the siren sounded. At present, there are several firehouses around Syracuse, and each has state-of-the-art equipment, vehicles, and living quarters for the full-time first responders. They undergo rigorous training in the on-site facilities. 

Can Soot-Covered Furnishings Get Cleaned Through Fire Damage Restoration in North Syracuse Homes? 

When it comes to handling fire damage restoration in North Syracuse properties, the initial inspection is crucial. When SERVPRO technicians arrive, the techs quickly ascertain the items that show potential for cleaning and reuse and the articles that have too much damage from charring and smoke for restoration. 

SERVPRO techs set up cleaning stations outside the worksite to handle the items removed from the home. The techs choose from among several different applications and solutions for the best outcome for each article. Non-porous items tend to fare the best as they do not absorb much of the airborne soot or smoke odors. 

When cabinet surfaces or hardwood furnishings have damage post-fire, many considerations determine the potential for restoration, such as:

  • If the furniture shows signs of heat damage
  • Signs of water damage such as cracking or swelling 
  • Attempts made at cleaning before SERVPRO's arrival

The technicians have various professional cleaning agents specifically formulated for use on wood furnishings, countertops, and other surfaces that may need assistance in removing smoke damage after a fire. The techs are always extremely careful to test any items before cleaning to ensure the correct methods get chosen. This attention to detail assists in avoiding causing damage to items through incorrect cleaning methods.

SERVPRO of North Onondaga County at (315) 457-3432 brings the professional equipment and certified technicians to handle any type or size of fire damage restoration needed in North Syracuse properties. 

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